Champagne Carbon


We were approached by Champagne Carbon to create a tool that brings the Bouteille Sur Mesure service – a collaboration with Bugatti – to luxury markets around the world.

The solution was an iPad app that international sales teams and Bugatti partners can bring to customers and events. In the app clients can design and order a sculptural case representing one of the Chiron, Divo, Bolide, or Mistral models, with their choice from a selection of carbon fiber and paint exteriors, and leather or alcantara interiors as well as additional features such as cooling technology. Advanced customization allows them to order a case that actually resembles their own Bugatti car.

They can further personalise the product by choosing the vintage of the champagne itself, as well as customizing the 15 litre bottle in a range of finishing materials, including what is described as “the world’s first photoluminescent forged carbon fiber bottle”.


Collaborating with IXO Carbon we designed a system to handle thousands of composite rendered assets and link them with the product’s available packages, upgrade options and pricing structure. Customers’ configurations are stored in a recallable data format that IXO can build the requested physical product from.

The app itself was built in Typescript with Angular and Capacitor, compiled to an iPad OS app designed optimally for iPad Pro but compatible with smaller models. We also built a private API for user authentication and for the app to load and save configurations, and delivered a control panel for the product management team.

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